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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to use Sendkolo?

Sendkolo's mission is to promote financial connectivity in the African Community by providing a Reliable, Fast, and Zero-fee Digital transfer solution to easily move funds to and within Africa.

How is Sendkolo different from other solutions ?

Sendkolo enables you to send your funds instantly, completely free of fees, and at the most favorable rates. Our customers can rest assured that they won't lose money due to unfavorable rates. Sendkolo is committed to staying connected with its customers, offering 24/7 support through both the app and WhatsApp.

How does Sendkolo make profit without charging transfer fees?

Sendkolo uses virtual stable coins to facilitate the exchange of Euro to FCFA in a secured and centralized blockchain-backed technology. Sendkolo uses arbitrage to generate income, which makes it possible to offer a transfer solution with 0% fees.

How does Sendkolo ensure the security and reliability of transfers?

With Sendkolo, you pay securely from your bank through SEPA. Blockchain technology highly secures virtual assets and can be transferred in just a few clicks. Also, we work with partners who provide mobile money infrastructures to easily and quickly convert these virtual assets into FCFA for your transactions.

How does Sendkolo ensure all transfers are confidential?

Sendkolo takes the security of your personal information very seriously. We encrypt all personal data, so your information is always safe. We work tirelessly to ensure that your information is never compromised.

Can I transfer funds directly to someone's mobile wallet?

Sendkolo works with its partners who provide exchange service for virtual assets. This enables you to seamlessly transfer funds to someone's mobile money wallet.

What are the means of payment accepted by Sendkolo?

Sendkolo currently accepts payment through SEPA and Instant bank transfer.

Is SendKolo a bank or a payment institution?

SendKolo does not operate as a bank or a payment institution; as such, it is not designed to hold your funds. Any funds transferred to SendKolo are utilized for the acquisition of virtual assets, which are subsequently transferable to your designated recipients

How can I collaborate or partner with Sendkolo?

Sendkolo extends a warm invitation to all those eager to join us in advancing our vision and reshaping the financial landscape in Africa.

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